Aifol Cheap Chinese Bathroom Brass Wash Basin Angle Valve

Item No.: BA-CV-1917
• SOLID BRASS: Valve is made quality solid brass
• DURABLE: Fast 1/2 cartridge: Ensures longevity and trouble free operation
• 4/5" Inlet, 4/5" outlet (20.5mm x 20.5mm)
• MODERN: Contemporary chrome finish
  • Bathroom Accessories: Angle Valve
  • Description

    Aifol brass angle valve,uniform thickness, strong pressure resistance, anti-corrosion anti-rust wear resistance, multi-layer surface plating, ceramic valve core, suitable for water heaters, toilets, faucets.

    1. Each product is tested by high pressure, low pressure, and air pressure before it leaves the factory to ensure that it does not leak.
    2. The main part of this product is made of high-quality copper material of international standards, which is more environmental protection and non-fouling to achieve a longer service life. The angle valve is a flat ceramic seal structure and has the advantages of heat resistance, wear resistance, and safety.
    3. The surface is plated with three layers of acid copper, nickel and chromium. The plating quality is excellent, and the color is uniform and bright, ensuring lasting new. More wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant.


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