Aifol F3/8" Flexible Hose Faucet TAP Plumbing stainless steel Braided pipe

Item No.: HA001
Material: EPDM+Stainless steel
Hose Diameter: F3/8;F3/8
Pressure: 3.5Mpa
Length(Inch): 16,18,22,26,OEM
Temperature: 0-90 Centigrade


Tube material:EPDM
Nut and insert material:Brass
Cover material: AISI 304 stainless steel 
Temperature: 0℃-90℃
Internal diameter: 8.3mm/0.32inch
Outside diameter: 12mm/0.47inch
Max working pressure: 16bar/230psi
Min bend radius: 30mm/1.18inch
Length: 18,26,32-inch,OEM
Warranty: 5 years

Coldwater and hotwater. Specially designed for faucet.
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